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Just 12% Inflation Left in Bitcoin’s Lifetime


Bitcoin, gold and commodities stock to flow, Oct 2020

Bitcoin is becoming rarer by the block, with 18.6 million BTC mined as of today out of 21 million.

That means unlike the yearly higher than 2% cumulative inflation we are to expect in America and Europe, bitcoin has just a few years to go until no longer any inflation at all.

That will be the first time in the history of mankind where an asset that holds value and can easily be exchanged has no inflation whatever.

Currently, bitcoin is running at 1.8% a year, but unlike fiat, once that 1.8% has been consumed, then there is less inflation to expect.

In fiat, it’s the opposite. The 1.8% of the previous year has to be accounted within the percentage of this year.

That means while in bitcoin it goes from say 100 to 98 and then 96, in fiat it goes from 100 to 102 and then 104.04.

This quality makes bitcoin a different sort of unit of measurement and a very unique one because it’s for the first time that we can see to a very precise degree just how much fiat has inflated as well as how much gold and other commodities have inflated.

It is also a unique quality among cryptos with none other providing the certainty of a fixed limit like bitcoin does.

Thus bitcoin is the only asset where the stock or the money that goes into it is not stealthily taken out by the flow or the inflation through production or diktat save for the 12% remaining which is spread over decades.

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