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Bitcoin Rises on Trump Cure



Bitcoin has taken the ladder upwards, rising from $10,500 to about $11,400 in a somewhat sudden move.

That comes after it sidewayed in a triangle, with it seemingly deciding to break up this October.

Bitcoin rises, Oct 2020
Bitcoin rises, Oct 2020

There’s many reasons why this has been rising but one of them is probably the speedy recovery of Donald John Trump, the sitting president of the United States of America.

It is most likely not a coincidence that he spent precisely three days in hospital, just like Boris Johnson, the British Prime Minister.

While Johnson revealed not what treatment he got for such speedy recovery, Trump took the first opportunity to tell the people: REGENERON.

“These two antibodies bind on the spike protein. That helps it neutralize the virus. The virus then can’t attach to human cells. And it has the potential to prevent infection,” said Dr. Ruanne Barnabas, associate professor of global health and allergy and infectious diseases at the University of Washington School of Medicine.

A trial has been launched there to study this drug more fully, while President Trump has promised all Americans they will get the same treatment as him.

It is outrageous however that Trump and Johnson got out in three days, while the rest cower in masks and greet seasonal colds with family rows.

For it suggests not only there’s one rule for them and another for us, but also one medical treatment for them and another for us.

Of course, the crowd may say. He is el presidente, or the Prime Minister. Yet when did they rise so high and stay there kneeling in front of Machiavelli that they leave the people without treatment for now eight months.

In Italy for example, the atmosphere is utterly oppressive. Everyone wears a clinical mask (and only a clinical mask) more out of fear of the police which appears to have no other job but to be seen on the streets every five minutes.

Who goes after the infamous Italian mafia? Is a natural question, for if they are spending their time looking at whether mom or dad is wearing a mask, when do they find the time to go after actual criminals.

What’s more, there are actual soldiers in the streets of Milan and many other Italian towns and cities.

This is not Italy anymore. This is China pure and simple. An authoritarian state terrorizing its people while withholding treatment for god knows what gain save for Machiavelli’s dictum of better feared than loved.

The fear is all pervasive in an oppressive manner with the people of Italy so unadvanced that they appear to trust every word of propaganda TV.

In France, the situation appears the same. While in UK, what doesn’t work is to be tried again with regional lockdowns.

Of course no one bothered to cross-examine Boris Johnson on his extraordinary short stay in hospital. Nor is anyone wondering why it would work the second time if it did not the first time. Nor has a Royal investigation been called to examine the science and the apparent deep division among scientists about the best approach.

Sweden continues to remain the only western country to fully hold that banner of freedom. Germany is a very distant second.

But America calls itself the land of the free, and from what they say they are less in fear, and from the actions of their president in revealing his treatment, maybe they will soon be fully free afterall.

For the rest, if Italy is starting to feel like authoritarian oppressive China, you can imagine what is going on further down below.

Even if Trumpy is more word than action and even if the corrupted governmental institutions do their best to bog down any treatment in six months long monkey trials, he has recovered.

The worst therefore is no longer as easily imaginable as a few days ago. The veil too has now been lifted for the people know very well treatment is being withheld in the name of Machiaveli.

The courts thus should be busy. Everyone should be sued, especially in the fully independent english courts, but also American ones and elsewhere.

The judiciary remains generally uncorrupted and they know the stakes very well. Where the people are concerned, the first lockdown ended only when they took to the streets. That freedom to peaceful protest also remains generally uncorrupted, and under the current system, it is the only way the people can express themselves.

This situation must end for the good of all, both in power and ruled, for this is not a way to run a society, and because it is the Pythagoras that made the world great, not communist authoritarian China.

As such, everyday this continues, the louder becomes the question: what has fundamentally gone wrong with our healthcare system that eight months on cures presidents in three days but recommends house arrest for the rest?

Regeneron. That’s a big bet Mr President and if it works you have the presidency. Three weeks countdown too, not a day more. Do it. Save America and save the world.

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