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Markets Shrug Off Merkel Lockdown Plans



Investors appear unperturbed by a new tendency across Europe to re-impose what is being called lockdown light.

German daily Bild revealed Angela Merkel, the Chancellor, was planning to impose new measures like closing bars and some shops with a Wednesday meeting to decide.

Schools and workplaces are to remain open, however, except maybe in France where cases are running at 26,000 a day with a meeting to be held today on what decrees might be announced.

There, a full spring-like lockdown is being considered, with it unclear whether it would achieve anything now after this has spread significantly.

The euro has gained against the dollar however despite this situation, with stocks opening in green although they’ve dipped a bit, while bitcoin and eth are rising.

That suggests investors are less worried perhaps because workplaces generally will remain open.

In addition, the spring lockdowns were a surprise as no one thought they would be imposed in free and democratic societies.

Now, most are used to all this and are going on about their daily lives albeit with some precautions.

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