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Caitlin Long Gets Approval For Crypto Bank


Caitlin Long

Bitcoiner and advocate Caitlin Long has been granted a bank charter that includes custody services for digital assets as well as tokenized dollars.

Her company, Avanti Bank & Trust, now has the same powers as national banks in its approved business lines.

“Avanti’s mission is to provide a compliant bridge between the traditional and digital asset financial systems, with the strictest level of institutional custody standards,” said Caitlin Long, Avanti’s founder and chief executive officer.

Avanti is to begin providing commercial accounts early next year, they say, making this the second crypto bank to debut from Wyoming which has implemented a very crypto friendly regulatory framework in part thanks to Long’s advocacy.

One of the biggest crypto exchange, Kraken, was given such bank charter just last month.

That suggests long gone are the days when banks discriminated against bitcoiners or bitcoin businesses as now crypto native banks are propping up to serve this sector and more widely.

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