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Bitcoin, The Real Winner of Election 2020


Bitcoin art, Nov 2020

Bitcoin has risen as the somewhat surprising winner of this election with it increasing in price from $13,500 to a brief $16,000 since November the 3rd.

This performance may well suggest the cryptocurrency for the first time is showing itself as a different sort of choice in a different sort of election.

Met with the prospect of choosing between one old rich guy and another, plenty may well have found neither to be appealing.

Biden has been in power for decades. Trump arguably lost the election the moment Madonna sang that terrible song at Eurovision in Israel.

Neither promised much to the voters, or presented a new vision, with both expected to find themselves in a deep hole of debt following astronomical money printing by the ‘independent’ bankers.

So plenty probably wanted to opt out, to make a meaningful choice, to elect not something presented to them as bad or badder, but as something they want to support.

Hence the rising bitcoin which for the first time presents to the world an objective measurer of value.

One where no matter how rich or poor you are, you can’t just print it. No matter how powerful, you can’t just devalue it. No matter how smart, you can’t just game it.

One bitcoin is one bitcoin and there will ever be only 21 million of it. One dollar is whatever the sitting committee says it is, regardless of who is the president.

It is in this election in particular that bitcoin shows itself to be the real winner because the choices presented are just subpar.

When they wanted, they found Obama for example from seemingly no where and effectively told the people meet your new president.

As it happened, Obama turned out to be worse than his predecessor. Opening more war fronts, instead of closing the ones already there as he promised.

In 2016, there was also a real choice. The American public was angry, and with that anger they galvanized to end the nonsense war on trrrr.

As a new decade greets, however, grandpa or grandpa is the choice. At the dawn of the space age and the digital revolution, two unappealing figures are presented out of the 300 million American citizens.

So no wonder plenty thought the answer was neither Biden nor Trump. Both just talks, both deaf to the people more than able to hear, both elitist towering Antonets riding the wave of the biggest wealth gap in history.

Neither will really reform what needs to be reformed. Neither will really do what needs to be done. Both will continue to ensure the unmeritocratic corrupt climbers remain there without a ladder for anyone else.

Except for bitcoin which happens to be digital and far too complex for their little old minds that look back to the past and can’t quite envision the future.

For the future is for the young, not these already gone dinosaurs that take three days to count some paper in an age when code rules the world.

Thus code won and code will continue winning until we too become grandpas and are met with whatever else our beautiful species will invent.

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