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Nobody Searching For Bitcoin


Bitcoin google searches, Nov 2020

The crypto space is having a mini-party and no one is watching with Google searches actually down a bit over last week.

It was at 11 out of 100, with 100 being the December 2017 peak when bitcoin’s price was around current levels.

For this week, global interest in bitcoin is at just 9% of the peak even as the currency makes a massive comeback.

Bitcoin 2016
Bitcoin 2016
Bitcoin 2020
Bitcoin 2020

For the crypto space however it is quite a bit different. They watching in disbelief at resistance lines going down with it not quite feeling real.

An imminent big correction is predicted by everyone except everyone kind of knows there might not be one.

Every little dip sends all scattering in fear. This is it, except it isn’t. Tired bulls are now angery. One bit of red and they charge like mad.

The best of it all, it’s our show and for us alone to enjoy, and boy, are them bitcoiners that have gone through three years of bear enjoying it.

The rest don’t care though. Like in 2016 the price was totes irrelevant as the big blocksize debate had priority, so too this year the price is irrelevant as… well people have forgotten about bitcoin.

Denial is a powerful thing. Once this kept falling people eventually said f it, let price do what it wants, gone hodl forever.

So they don’t care about price, like for real, at least for now. Plus to plenty if you said bitcoin is at $18,000, they’d prob say: yeah I know, so it ain’t moved much in three years huh?

Well, there was this boom and there was this bust where it got real bad with companies going bankrupt, and then some say this is kind of like 2016 all over again.

So next year it’s gone go nuts? Who knows. Yeah, did you hear about that dum Trump still not conceding…

Wait so in November 2016 when bitcoin was about to cross the then all time high, searches were at just 2?

And that’s way less than the 12 in December 2013 when it first crossed the then all time high?

How cute. This thing doesn’t even rhyme. Maybe it just repeats. Who was that Nakamoto guy again?

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