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Bitcoin Moves by $1000 on the Doors of $20000


Bitcoin's price on the verge of $20,000, Dec 1 2020

Bitcoin has been moving by $1,000 on a very volatile day as stocks go green and ethereum 2.0 finally launches.

The biggest cryptocurrency marched to $19,800, but bears tried to scare with a dip to $18,900.

Unperturbed, after a stare-off bulls began their climb to this time $19,900, just inches from that big $20,000.

Bears however made their second biggest attempt, chasing bulls down to $18,100 with walls of red.

That’s a lot better than their anger at the first $20,000 attempt just a few days ago when bears beat down $19,400 to $16,400.

Since then the crypto has risen, and from that $18,100 it is close to again gaining $1,000, currently trading at $18,900.

So making this the big battle for $20,000, the all time high line as far as this paper is concerned regardless of what anyone says because $20,000 (and precisely) has been the assumed all time high for three years.

Nobody gone change that now, except the bull army, which looks keen to take on the bears and this time perhaps decisivley.

If they do so, a new frontier opens for bitcoin as it walks into outer space in unknown territory for the first time since 2017.

There they say spaceships travel faster due to lack of air, but whether such myths are true, is only for the bitcoin bulls to say.

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