Close to One Million ETH Awaits the Now Imminent Ethereum 2.0 – Trustnodes

Close to One Million ETH Awaits the Now Imminent Ethereum 2.0


Ethereum 2.0 deposits at genesis block launch, December 1 2020

More than 880,000 eth, worth some $560 million, is waiting the imminent launch of the ethereum 2.0 genesis block.

The proposer has now come out with all awaiting to see what he will inscribe, while the livestream is just about to begin.

The show can be seen at, the brand new block explorer of ethereum 2.0.

At around 12:00 UTC precisely, plus a few seconds, the genesis block will be launched by Mr Fahrenheit if his wi-fi keeps up. Otherwise it goes to the second proposer.

At that point, the block explorer should start moving, validating the Proof of Work block headers.

After more than two years of development, two full testnets, two dry runs, many audits and code reviews, Proof of Stake is now finally ready to go.

Hopefully it should all go fine with blocks finalizing beginning at 20:00 in Shanghai, 12 in London, 7am in New York and 4am in Los Angeles.

Hopefully our LA bros and the whole west coast have managed to keep awake as ethereum’s price heads for $640 while bitcoin is on the verge of the $20,000 all time high.

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