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Will Bitcoin Usher in a Roaring Twenties?


Roaring twenties great gatsby

The first person in the world to be vaccinated in London was clapped today with Matt Hancock, the Health Secretary, stating this was Britain’s V day.

The biggest peace time operation will see four million more get it by the end of the month, marking a turning point after a year of worldwide lockdowns.

With it, eyes turn to summer as some expect we may well see a roaring twenties with economist Torsten Bell at the Resolution Foundation stating:

“History in the shape of the 1920s told us, once the Spanish Flu pandemic came to an end, people were desperate to get out and have a good time.”

After bazooka money, helicopter money, big printer print, quantitative easing and smeasing, households now have quite a bit of money.

Spending this year has fallen by record breaking numbers, down 23% between April and June for example.

At the same time savings have shot up, rising by 29%, an all time high for the United Kingdom with these figures reflected across Europe and USA.

Mortgage approvals in addition have risen to their highest level in 13 years in October as all that easy money trickles down.

People therefore have a lot more to spend than last year, and that may create a bonanza starting this summer when this thing is expected to be generally under control and people can return to full normality.

Bitcoin has been doing its part in stimulating people’s pockets, with the UNI airdrop bringing an early Christmas to many.

The rising price of cryptos may also make cryptonians feel richer, translating to a summer in Hawai with some lambo donuts.

That by itself may turn sentiment which could potentially lead to an economic boom and thus maybe a crypto boom as well.

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