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Coder Imprisoned Over Silk Road


Department of Justice

Michael Weigand has been given eight months in prison for giving security vulnerabilities advice to the now defunct drug marketplace known as silk road.

“Michael Weigand supplied technological advice directly to the leadership of Silk Road, a secret online marketplace for criminal activity,” Acting U.S. Attorney Audrey Strauss said before adding:

“He laundered Silk Road proceeds and traveled overseas to remove Silk Road evidence from a co-conspirator’s residence.

Weigand subsequently lied to law enforcement, falsely claiming to have done nothing for Silk Road, and has now been sentenced to prison for that knowing falsehood.”

Weigand, also known as Shabang, worked with Roger Thomas Clark, the Department of Justice said.

The latter has been identified as Ross Ulbricht’s right-hand man, going by such nicknames as “Variety Jones.”

They say Clark transferred $20,000 in bitcoin to Weigand and the latter traveled to Clark’s London residence and removed Silk Road evidence.

Nonetheless this eight month sentence is for Weigand covering up his involvement, rather than the involvement itself.

He pleaded guilty to “making false statements to federal agents about his involvement in, and his work for, the Silk Road.” A crime that has a maximum sentence of five years.

The overall sentence therefore has presumably been reduced due to this guilty plea.

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