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Boris Panic Sends Pound Crashing, Oil Down, Bitcoin ???


Londoners leaving after yet another lockdown announcement, Dec 2020

The British government and the World Health Organization (WHO) has known of a new strain of virus since September according to a WHO official speaking on Andrew Marr’s show.

Yet Boris Johnson, the British Prime Minister, has decided just days before Christmas to create a mini-panic with France, Germany and other countries announcing flight bans due to a mutant virus.

The latter sounds very scary. However, there’s suggestions this is no more dangerous because the virus likes to live said the WHO official.

Due to the latter, it has now learned to spread faster, but hopefully more kindly as shown by the fact cases in London hospitals are about half of the peak in April when they stood at 5201. Now it is 2,909 out of ten million people.

Thus the British government has taken the decision to restrict movement in London, but with a difference. People can go to work, to school.

They won’t be able to meet now for Christmas, except for those that rushed to get out (pictured) probably to their village home where pesky Boris can stay out of their business.

In addition London is now at those temperatures this thing likes very much, at 8 degrees, so faster mutant or not, there would have been a speed up.

Still, it’s just 0.5% getting this, with far, far less getting complications, but in a zero-risk nanny state, doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results is now the definition of smart.

GBP/EUR Dec 2020
GBP/EUR Dec 2020
Oil, Gold, Dec 2020
Oil, Gold, Dec 2020

The pound is down 2%. Oil has fallen by 6%. British stocks are down 3%. Gold has fallen a bit as has bitcoin to now $22,700.

All that showing the market response has been mild compared to the Milan lockdown in March, and that’s because people are used to this stuff now.

Not least because London was in semi-lockdown already after being locked down in November with it now probably to go on locking down for months according to the Chief Nanny, Matt Hancock.

That’s presumably until temperatures get away from this eight degrees, at which point this fast mutant probably won’t be fast anymore.

That’s another few months, and thus perhaps another few trillions from the magic money tree with those that hate their jobs cheering on the free money to sit and do nothing.

So creating a new base reliant on the government and thus willing to follow any and all orders by Boris the nanny.

That said, this thing is indeed spreading and it is affecting some very badly. Usually the old directly, but also some of the young which the nanny has decided can do away with potentially vital screenings that for some very unfortunately is a fatal decision by this government.

A government that is effectively deciding who deserves treatment with it clearly so far prioritizing those that get covid over other patients.

Those are difficult decisions, but the fact they are being made by diktat can be a reason why many of them have been bad decisions.

The idea that the government for example can tell the people three households can meet over a specific time period, but not a day after, is the idea that the government knows best and thus can tell us what we can and can not do at any single point.

That’s a very dangerous idea that gives the government full power, power which they won’t give back because why on earth would they.

Hence what was ‘just three weeks’ is now becoming permanent in UK, with it unclear whether that will change as the government becomes the chief propagandist of zero risk micro managing everything.

An approach that hasn’t quite worked for the same reason why big government never works. The bureaucrats just don’t know what is best more than individuals themselves.

Individuals that were going to bear in mind there is this risk, and thus were going to act based on the consideration of it, rather than based on diktats from up high which these bureaucrats themselves are going to ignore.

Not fully, there is this thing, but it’s not clear why the government thinks it can take it more into consideration than individuals themselves especially when the government told them to gather in households of three one day and the next day says don’t go out at all except for work, bringing up some mutant excuse when they have known it for months.

Making it all a clown show, but they have printers that go brrr so everything should be fine with mass monetary debasement now presumably to accelerate even more.

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