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Mars Will Run on Bitcoin Says Musk


SpaceX Rocket

The Mars economy will run on bitcoin, dogecoin or marscoin according to Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX.

Responding with a yes to the statement the Mars economy will run on crypto, Elon Musk has now made it official that bitcoin is the space currency.

According to some analysis, transacting in bitcoin with Mars pioneers would take 6.5 minutes.

As bitcoin’s block-times are ten minutes, the distance should not be a problem, especially if they use something like the Lightning Network.

Thus the two planets can run on the same finite money, a money uncontrollable by any government and thus fit for the new economy.

An economy envisioned to start off with potentially 100,000 people as Musk wants to send 1,000 starships that can carry up to 100 people each.

A prototype was tested just this month with a 12.5km flight. If it all goes to plan, the first human may land as soon as 2024.

It’s a crazy ambition, but a potent reminder of the ingenuity of man, and his endless ability to make something out of practically nothing.

In this case, an entire inhabitable planet where warming it up would actually be beneficial.

More stunningly, if they can bitcoin then we could potentially IRC with them too, asking for pics of their red planet.

Also any hacker would probably VPN through Mars, rather than Russia, because earth governments would have no jurisdiction on Mars.

Raising complex questions like whether we would tariff Martian gold to keep afloat the $20 trillion gold market here.

With the more complex question being whether this would become a new America, or more just a base to Venus and beyond.

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