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Ethereum Nears $1,200 as Bitcoin Takes $35,000


Ethereum and bitcoin price, Jan 2021

Bitcoin is up by more than 10% today to a new all time high of $35,700 before currently trading at $35,000.

It’s unfiltered volumes have ballooned to $72 billion with more credible volumes standing at about $17 billion, a huge increase over last year.

The currency is now trying to clear resistance at $35,000 after briefly testing support at $28,000 on Monday.

If it takes it, then next resistance is probably $40,000 after seeing significant buy volumes from big money investors.

For now however the global crypto market cap may be seeing a resistance line of its own as it nears $1 trillion.

The global crypto market cap, Jan 2021
The global crypto market cap, Jan 2021

The global crypto market cap has just surpassed all time high which previously stood at about $850 billion with it now at $940 billion.

Bitcoin accounts for the vast majority of it at $640 billion, while eth has risen to $130 billion as it tries to take $1,200.

Its big resistance is at the all time high of $1,420, with the big support at $989 as eth volumes balloon too at $45 billion for unfiltered volumes while the realistic ones stand at $10 billion.

That cements eth’s position alongside bitcoin with other cryptos far behind even tether, let alone eth.

So creating a primarily dual show with still some navigator until eth’s all time high, after which we’re in unknown territory, guided by only big numbers like $50,000 or $2,000 for eth.

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