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Ethereum Dips on ATH Profit Taking


Ethereum price, Jan 2021

Ethereum has fallen by about 10% today from $1,440 to $1,270 with bitcoin dipping to $34,400.

Ethereum is thought to be leading the show, so bitcoin is currently probably just responding to its movement.

A movement following what is a somewhat disputed all time high because eth reached different prices on different exchanges.

$1,420 has been taken to be the all time high for the past three years, but on some exchanges it reached $1,440 which also it just about touched yesterday.

On some South Korean exchanges it reached $2,000, so there may well not be consensus until it crosses that line.

The vast majority however were in profit at $1,420, so there could well be people that bought it at that price and did really hold for three years and then got out.

More likely, others expected others to take profits at a resistance line, so we get a dip, with it healthy because it indicates there’s more room to grow.

Presuming it stops here at $1,270, then this might be a small-ish dip, recharging for clear off of that all time high, but what it does do remains to be seen.

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