Mogo Acquires 20% of Coinsquare for $56.4 Million – Trustnodes

Mogo Acquires 20% of Coinsquare for $56.4 Million



Bitcoin trading platform Mogo has acquired 19.99% of the crypto exchange Coinsquare at a valuation of $250-350 million.

The company further announced the agreement includes the right to acquire an additional 20% ownership through the purchases of shares.

Coinsquare is currently privately held but Mogo is traded on Nasdaq with it seeing a price jump on this announcement of about 10% in pre-market trading.

The two companies have been working together since 2018 with Coinsquare acting as the trading platform for MogoCrypto, a service that allows the buying and selling of bitcoin.

Mogo announced earlier this month their January bitcoin volumes have jumped 300% with it further launching a bitcoin reward card last month.

This acquisition suggests they plan to expand their service to other cryptos with Canada lacking a good bitcoin exchange after the downfall of Quadriga.

Mogo also provides other services like loans and even mortgages, but their bitcoin business is clearly growing a lot faster, hence their crypto expansion with this acquisition.

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