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Ethereum Nears $2,000


Ethereum's price, Feb 2021

Ethereum has risen to $1,928 today with it currently trading around the same levels at $1,914 as the crypto moves between the first world war and the roaring 20s.

Presumably it won’t like the 40s at all, so perhaps a jump straight to the 60s and then the beautiful 90s.

Or, of course, it could go back to the 1800s, but that would be a lot more boring that coming to this 2020s so that we can see the future.

Some claim it may be $2,500, or $5,000, or $10,000 or $20,000. Interestingly, almost no one goes higher than that except that Ivan guy who claims eth might well go to $100,000 (open mouth shot).

His reasoning isn’t too bad actually. He says bitcoin is digital gold and the store of value market is about $20 trillion. Ethereum on the other hand targets derivatives because of its decentralized finance (defi) space.

Derivatives are a $600 trillion market, so if eth gets just a bit of that, boom $100,000.

We… erm… maybe sometime in some decade, but interestingly Ivan thinks bitcoin wouldn’t be at a million or something if eth gets to $100,000 because eth would have flippening by then.

Well… we like the fact he says it because nice spirit, but bitcoin would probably be more valuable in price, at least this cycle.

Right now here down to earth we’re at last century and trying to overtake the final all time high.

As you might know back in 2017, eth was at some $2,000 on South Korean exchanges which had a considerable premium because eth was hot there.

So if this $2,000 is overtaken, then eth can finally enter real price discovery, jumping maybe to $2,500, or back down as some say but that would be boring.

There’s optimism in the air, and all the stock grandpas are coming now. They’re usually rich as well, so we may once again experience that feeling of the coming year 2000.

The new millennium and era, of digital coins with code based finance where some stupid cat card goes for who knows how much in virtual Decentra land where they meme Musk’s Mars cybertruck.

Meh, not that bad afterall. Maybe even better than was promised if we just forget the naughties and even the tens.

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