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Bitcoin and Ethereum See Record Inflows


Bitcoin weekly inflows, March 2021

Inflows in stock traded bitcoin and ethereum products have hit a record this quarter according to Coinshares.

Some $4.2 billion has been invested during the first quarter of 2021, compared to $3.9 billion for the last quarter.

That brings total assets under management to $55.8 billion, up from $37.6 billion at the end of last year.

“Funds flows data highlighted ethereum as being increasingly popular among investors with inflows of $113 million last week, comprising almost 50% of total flows,” Coinshares says.

You can see the weekly breakdown above, showing a consistent growth in inflows especially during the end of February when institutional investors presumably bought the dip.

A slight slowdown then seems to be picking up again last week, with considerable demand pressure somewhat steadily growing since November.

In addition bitcoin trading volumes are up in general as new investors enter the space with Coinshare saying:

“Bitcoin trading volumes on trusted exchanges are slightly above average, trading an average $11.8 billion per day versus $10.8 billion on average for 2021.”

So trading volumes have picked up recently to rise above the general average for this year, with bitcoin’s price also rising to see $64,000 before it dipped to now $55,000.

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