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150,000 Protest in London as Israel Bombs Banks


Protests for Palestine in London, May 15 2021

London is seeing the biggest protest in its history of solidarity with Palestine as organizers estimate 150,000 people have currently shown up.

Footages and photos show people of all races and religions carrying placards demanding Stop the War, Free Palestine and End the Occupation.

Jeremy Corbyn, the former leader of the labour party addressed the crowd, as did Diane Abbott who said:

“We must remember we are part of an international movement. This is a worldwide movement for justice.

Palestinian people are having their land seized… and they are now being killed in their homes. All of this is illegal.”

Protests For Palestine in New York, May 12 2021

Protests are taking part across the world, including in Sydney, Paris, Berlin. They generally have been peaceful marches with no incidents reported in London where the crowd now extends to Bayswater Road from Kensington High Street.

Meanwhile the Associated Press reports Israel has bombed five banks, including the Central Bank of Gaza. In addition they have also bombed the offices of the Associated Press and the entire compound that houses many international media outlets.

It’s not clear currently why they decided to bomb the media in an obvious assault on freedom of the press, but their strategy appears to be a complete decimation of the entire business and government infrastructure in Gaza.

In effect they are carpet bombing them through precision targets on offices, sending Gaza back to the stone age.

Their latest bombing killed nine children, bringing the total to 39 children now departed as Israel shows no restrain with it getting near to 1,000 targets, presumably buildings, having been bombed.

Some 10,000 Palestinians have been left homeless with a humanitarian crisis brewing, as well as a political crisis especially in the United States.

Joe Biden has come under fierce criticism for his statement that Israel has not overreacted even as media buildings, banks, and the whole civil life in Gaza is destroyed.

That comment may have ended what must be the shortest honeymoon in presidential history as western leaders show themselves to be completely out of touch with the people, who are generally unwilling to tolerate another war after two decades of bombing.

Israeli leadership may have miscalculated too as the state of near civil war within Israel shows, with this now spreading to West Bank where there have been protests all night, and some fear it may spread to Lebanon too as well as the wider region.

This decimation of the banking infrastructure raises questions about how Palestinians will mange with their day to day life as the monetary infrastructure is destroyed.

There are suggestions cryptos have spread in nearby Syria largely for the same reason, there is hardly any banking infrastructure left, with ordinary Syrians adopting bitcoin more and more.

Palestinians are generally poor with a GDP of $16 billion for nearly 5 million people, a GDP that has now been decimated by the far richer Israel which has a GDP of $400 billion for their 9 million people.

The two therefore are not quite a match, and instead of a war, this is in effect a carpet bombing of defenseless civilians or civilian buildings.

This biggest show of solidarity with Palestine may well change some of it as for his next election slogan, Benjamin Netanyahu may well go with: “I Bring Death.”

Some speculate he has killed these children to collapse coalition talks and so continue ruling even after losing four elections, with a fifth now seemingly on the way.

That may well backfire as Israel is now being seen as a nationalist and even ethno-supremacist state with no real attempts at peace for nearly three decades as Netanyahu is clearly a war monger.

That Biden stands by him unequivocally speaks of an out of touch establishment which risks being disrupted as the people are sick of war and they’re making that clear in these protests.

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  1. Really?? Who started firing Rockets? Either report fairly and accurately or don’t report at all with your one sided biased views. How are are you working for women and gay rights in Gaza by Palestinian and Arabs? Exactly ZERO!! It’s okay for Arabs and Palestinians to treat women and Gays like animals but Mohammed’s Ass forbids any self defense by Christians or Jews

    1. The rockets were in response to land seizures, demolition of homes and the attack on people during the most important religious festival at the most important shrine in Israel. Many Jewish Israelis have protested against these actions too.

      1. I see that you still didn’t answer my question about abuse of women and gays?? To worried about your land seizures? Of course you are!! Until the Muslim world address those issues I hope Israel shoves those missiles back up your women abusing asses!!

        1. How gays got in the mix? Damn u ppl!
          Be gay at home! Be religiius at home! Be whatever u want at your home!
          Outside be a human!

    2. Shame on you

  2. The Islamo-NAZIS in IRAN are orchestrating
    the firing of thousands and thousands of. Rockets at innocent Civilians in Israel by TERRORISTS!
    Israel is acting in Self Defense.
    The Banks in GAZA are Funding Terrorists and Murderers!
    There is No Country in the World that Would not act in a similar manner to Defend Her Citizens from Rocket Attacks and Terrorism!
    How long would the USA stand by if IRAN was enabling Terrorists to launch Missles on
    LA, NY, Seattle and Boston?

  3. P.S. The Great Statesman Winston Churchill
    defended Great Britain in a similar Manor
    When Hitler and the NAZI’S used V-1 and V-2 Rockets and Bombs to attack innocent Civilians in London Manchester etc in the Battle of Britain!

  4. And thats relate to crypto..how?
    Damn press

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