Stocks Add $26 Trillion Since 2020 – Trustnodes

Stocks Add $26 Trillion Since 2020


Global stocks market cap, July 2021

The global stock market has gained $26 trillion since its previous high in January 2020, adding 30% of its then global market cap of $90 trillion.

That follows mass money printing globally that has increased the Fed’s balance sheet from under $4 trillion to now more than $8 trillion.

The vast stimulus has contributed to most US indices hitting new all time highs with the current global stock market cap currently at above $116 trillion.

By comparison, bitcoin is still tiny, worth $780 billion with the entire crypto market cap at just $1.6 trillion or about 1% of global stocks.

Apple’s stock market cap, on the other hand, has surpassed $2.4 trillion with Google’s standing at $2.6 trillion while Microsoft is at $2.14 trillion.

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