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Don’t Pick Winners or Losers Says Musk to Senate


The battle of amendments, Aug 7 2021

The world’s most successful man, Elon Musk, has one simple message to the US senate conveyed through his 58.9 million followers.

“This is not the time to pick technology winners or losers in cryptocurrency technology. There is no crisis that compels hasty legislation,” Musk said.

The crypto space is giving its all in the battle of amendments as the world’s first national law concerning this space is set to pass with the livestream to begin soon later today.

If the good amendment wins, then the open source blockchain coding space will effectively be declared a free zone by the elected, giving the greenlight for innovation to thrive in the upgrade of finance.

If the bad amendment wins, then the cream of this generation will begin wondering just what is going on in Congress as that amendment is so ignorant to the point non compliance with it will probably be a badge of honor.

Not least because you can’t comply as no permission is required to access the ethereum network, so coders don’t know who is interacting with their smart contracts.

If that amendment passes, therefore, it would effectively amount to a ban in the United States, giving coders no option but to move to Europe if they openly want to Solidity.

Something that suggests the Senate should pass the good amendment, but what exactly they will do remains to be seen.

Whatever happens however, this will mark a major milestone for cryptos, with some of you perhaps recalling all cryptonians tuning to a livestream of some committee deep within the bureaucracy in 2014 that was to talk crypto.

Since Professor Bitcorn and the Supernintendo, we’ve come a long way with the livestream now (starting 11AM) not of some corner no one knows of, but on prime time TV at the world’s most pre-eminent law making body in the globe’s biggest economy.

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