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Crypto Bill Risks Passing Without Amendments


The crypto bill risks passing without any amendments following an objection by Kyrsten Lea Sinema on voting for any amendment, something that requires the consent of all 100 Senators.

“The broader politics and process around passing the bill are starting to predominate. It’s possible no amendments will be proposed at all, which means we’ll be stuck with the current language,” said Jake Chervinsky, lawyer for Compound Finance.

Following another slow day in the senate while thousands watched live the tales of 1957 Sputnik moments or Vietnam war in high school, not even Iraq War, the ending appears to have been not even with an applause, but with confusion as the ‘elected’ inched towards closing the door while no one was aware that is what they were doing.

“There may not be amendments allowed, for complicated Senate procedural reasons,” says Jeff Stein reporting for WaPo.

The Senate session continues today with Senator Cynthia Lummis stating:

“We are in hurry up & wait mode. We continue to push for a vote! I feel VERY GOOD about the Wyden Lummis Toomey amendment’s passage IF we can get a vote. (Thanks to YOU all). I am DISCOURAGED about our ability to get a vote on it (or any additional amendment). Max pressure,” emphasis hers.

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