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Matt Damon Crypto Ad Goes Viral


Matt Damon crypto ad, Oct 2021

An advert by featuring Matt Damon is going viral ahead of its expected debut at the Super Bowl this February.

“There isn’t enough yuck in the world to describe Matt Damon advertising a Ponzi scheme,” said Carole Cadwalladr, a far left writer for the Guardian.

Jason O. Gilbert, who works for The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, tried to make a joke in stating:

“MATT DAMON [striding through a futuristic room]: History is filled with brave men who spent $378,000 on a cartoon ape.”

The TL;DR of the ad for the critics seems to be ‘buy crypto or you’re a pussy.’ Few seem to have bothered to say anything nice, presumably because the ad speaks for itself.

An Ode to the Pioneers

‘Fortune favors the brave,’ is not just about crypto and certainly not something as simple as buy crypto, but a cultural slogan for an entire generation.

The ad is an ode to the pioneers, and to those today at the very frontiers. Whether in crypto, where we’ve had to fight many battles, or at the edge of medicine like the biohackers that are trying to take on big pharma, or in the new space race.

The derision of this ad by some also speaks of a culture cluster that wants to desperately cling to mediocrity.

The slogan, ‘fortune favors the brave,’ is an assault to some priests that prefer stagnation, decline, and regression. For to move is to disrupt, and to disrupt creates new winners and new losers.

The far left in particular appears to hate innovation. Everything must be awful to them, if they are to bring communism. Capitalism can not possibly make things better, it can not possibly produce self actualization.

The space race is a waste of money to them. Some of them have been so fooled that they even speak the unspeakable, that humanity as a whole is some sort of burden, some sort of problem.

However there have always been those that try to control through negativity, with the might of the Church for a thousand years attesting to its success.

Yet there are and will also be those that try to inspire through optimism and dreams of ambition that not only it can be better but we can harness the ingenuity of man.

It is very brave to be the latter, especially when it is so easy to be the former. It is very brave to throw away your education and start your own endeavor. To leave your 9 to 5 job and try a startup. To put your money at an investment that might not go anywhere, simply because it is new and innovative, rather than just buying the old Google.

It is extremely brave for those biohackers, who were the first to come up with a vaccine, to engage in pure science instead of regimented corporate labs rituals, especially when they have the skills to run such corporate labs.

It is also very brave of Desantis, and now also Johnson, to hold on in the face of much pressure and much uncertainty.

There’s no higher bravery than the astronauts, to know your chances and still leap into the great unknown so that we all can gain knowledge.

Nor is there any higher cowardice than to look at those risking so much, and choose to laugh. To choose instead the boring old, the monotone, the very much known, and the chains of dogma.

Which is why Matt Damon is not with them, but with the brave. Those driving the world forward. Those actually solving problems. Those that instead of looking to the government, look to themselves and the market to improve this complex world.

And his message is precisely what the United States needs to hear in this point in time. For the land of the brave is leading in these frontiers, from medicine to space.

It so happens that it is cryptos, with their ambitions and optimism, their dreams, that bring this awesome message to all the pioneers in all industries and across the globe.

A message that says it won’t be those throwing stones from glass houses that win, the priests did lose in the end, for the future belongs to those brave pioneers. And so keep on innovating, keep on extending the frontiers of man.

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